There are currently two types of currency in Mgic Pets. The first kind of currency is gold. Gold will let you progress throught the game by helping purchase items from the shop and to expand your camp. You can use money to buy decorations, buildings, and some materials. There are six ways to get gold.
  1. Selling one of your Pets. Every animal has different amount. Some might be lower then others or some might give more gold.
  2. Grabing up all the Pets Food
  3. Daily Spin. Everyday you have a change to get 100 to 200 gold.
  4. Buy Gold. You can buy gold with real money from the buy button.
  5. Complete goals. Some goals give coins but others give rubies.
  6. Click on Items in the world. Plants and Tree in the Areas sometimes give gold.


The second type of currency is called Rubies. Rubies are a special kind of money that is rare. You can use Rubies to buy rare and limited edition pets and items. There are seven ways to get Rubies:

  1. Level up. Every time you level up you obtain Rubies.
  2. [Complete Goals]. Not all goals result in a reward with Rubies but some of them do. If you are not sure which ones do, you can check the reward of a goal here.
  3. [Recruit Friends]. If you recruit a friend. You will receive 1 Ruby for the recruitment.
  4. Buy Rubies. Like gold you can buy it from the top menu of the game. Rubies are rare so use them wisely.
  5. Daily Spin. Everyday you have a change to 5 free Rubies.

Ruby Sales Edit

Ruby 15 Rubies $1.50
Ruby 90 Rubies $8.10
Ruby 180 Rubies - SALE $14.40
Ruby 500 Rubies - SALE $37.50
Ruby 1,000 Rubies - SALE $70.00


Gold 1,000 Gold - SALE $1.00
Gold 3,500 Gold - SALE $3.00
Gold 8,000 Gold - SALE $7.50
Gold 12,000 Gold - SALE $10.00
Gold 100,000 Gold - SALE $50.00